YouTube Capture, an app that has been available for the various iterations of iPhone for awhile, is now available on the iPad and iPad mini.  As anyone who takes video with an iPhone is aware, the small screen size can be a pain, so using the iPad’s larger screen is a big benefit for those who like to shoot video and immediately send it to YouTube.  Also, the usual bells and whistles of our ever-growing demands in a social media world.

The Functions of YouTube Capture

Obviously, for anything complex, an app like YouTube Capture isn’t going to be your bag.  But it does come with a couple of features like auto color correction, auto stabilization, and the ability to put background music in.


And, like always, you can upload the video to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ as well.  Because you are the type of person who needs to upload and update everyone as soon as you can.  When will the real-life Truman Show actually happen?  We’re close.