Anyone can build an audience on YouTube, but what can really separate you from the others is having the ability to turn your audience into a family. All your audience wants is to constantly feel connected to both you and your content.

There are a handful of ways in which you can communicate with your audience and make them feel like they are one of your very best friends, instead of just some comment below a video that no one will ever notice.

Consistently Reply to Comments

YOUTUBE1Although it is super easy to reply to comments you receive on your videos, most bigger YouTubers rarely, if ever, reply to their comments. As a YouTuber, both a creator and a fan of others, I know how happy it makes me to receive a reply to my comment from one of my all-time favorite YouTubers. Replying to your comments doesn’t only put a huge smile on the face of your fan on the other end of the screen, but it also confirms that you are devoted to your audience and truly care about what they have to say.


Record Live Shows

YOUTUBE1Take some time out of your busy schedule to host a “Live Chat” or a “Live Show” for your audience on a regular basis. Live Shows are one of the best ways to directly connect with your audience in real time. When your fans attend your live show, they’re likely going to tweet about it and share it on their social networks. Live Shows don’t only excite your current fans – they will grow your audience by bringing in new fans as well. You can host live shows directly from your YouTube channel or go live from other well-known sites such as YouNow, which encourages interaction by enticing your live show viewers to directly subscribe to your YouTube channel.


Get a PO Box

YOUTUBE1Snail mail in 2014? YES! Most YouTubers now-a-days have invested in a PO Box for viewers to easily send them letters, drawings and anything else their hearts desire. Fans really love being able to send special hand-written notes directly to YouTubers they look up to and there’s always the possibility of seeing your gift or having your letter mentioned in your favorite YouTubers video.

Make some Q&A Videos

YOUTUBE1Some people think of Question and Answer videos as just “filler” type of videos when a YouTuber can’t think of anything else to film about. WRONG. Q&A videos really give your viewers a chance to learn a lot about you they otherwise would never know from the content you post on YouTube. It also gives them an opportunity to ask you something they really want to know about you and possibly have you answer their question directly in the video, which is a super cool interaction that makes them feel like they were a part of making the video with you.

Sell Merch

YOUTUBE1Do you have specific little sayings or quotes that you use in your videos that your audience connect to? For example, one of my favorites JoshuaDTV, says “OREVWA” at the end of each of his videos along with a little hand signal to say goodbye. His fans connect to this and know it’s coming every time, so why not brand it and put it on some merchandise? Now his viewers can buy a t-shirt with that quote on it and feel genuinely like a part of the JoshuaDTV family!


Essentially communication = connection, and your own fan base can help you rise to the top faster than anything else can. So, get out there and embrace the community that supports you with open arms and use these tips to turn your own audience into a family who will always have your back and never let you down.