YouTube are constantly updating their algorithms and features to encourage and reward engagement – both from content creators and from users of the site. It has been proved time and time again that viewers will absolutely make the effort to like and comment on the videos they love and subscribe to the channels they find valuable. More great content = more engagement = more subscribers = everyone’s a winner.

If you have a YouTube channel with over 5,000 subscribers, identifying your most engaged viewers and subscribers just got easier with the new Audience Analyser feature. Announced at Vidcon and available now in beta at, channel owners will not only be able to see who their top fans are but also how those fans have interacted in terms of likes, comments etc. You’ll also get some metrics about those fans, like their own subscriber count.

We’ve had some problems with it in the past couple of weeks (just viewing it deleted the info on our channel’s About Page and we had to re-upload our images and avatar) but it seems to be working ok now. The following screenshot shows some of the top subscribers to the ReelSEO YouTube channel:

audience analyzer

As you can see, the UI is pretty clean and accessible and the data is clear.

How You Can Benefit From This New Feature?

No YouTube channel is an island (to misquote John Donne) and to be successful on YouTube you need to be active on YouTube. Here are some of our tips on how to benefit from the new feature:

  • You can sort the fan list by different metrics so look for users with the largest audience of their own and reach out if you think a collaboration might be possible.
  • Of course, Google being Google, it insists on pushing Google + at us and the ‘Audience Analyser’ is no exception. For once though, this might be a good thing. You can very easily invite your top fans into a private ‘Circle’ where they can interact with you and with each other. Done well, this could be invaluable for feedback and gives you a chance to let your biggest supporters have exclusive content.
  • You can reach out to your top subscribers and ask them for input in future content.
  • Cultivating a solid relationship with your fans should encourage even more engagement and give you a built in audience who will be more open to sharing your stuff across the web.
  • Looking to catch the attention of top YouTubers? Get active on their channel and give them a reason to notice you.

Let us know how you’ll use the new feature in the comments below.