After the capers over the Microsoft YouTube app this week it’s something of a relief to report that Android have updated their app with little fuss. Users can expect a multitasking feature so videos can be minimised whilst you look for others on YouTube as well as searchable playlists and a better streaming experience for connected TVs.

BREAKING UPDATE: Upgrade has gone live for iOS too!

The introduction of the multitasking feature allows you to watch a video while browsing for others. The active video minimises to a thumbnail with a single tap and you can either swipe up to return it to full size or swipe left or right to reject it.

The new version also allows for playlist searches which has been missing from previous rollouts. Users will also be automatically presented with the next video if they are watching from within a playlist. YouTube have also introduced a new app icon and improved the landscape mode UI for tablets.

AndroidPolice are confirming that the new app, with what they say is the biggest redesign yet, is rolling out now. They have provided some excellent screenshots of the new interface:

android police screenshots

The upgrade is expected to reach all users very soon and YouTube have said the upgrade will roll out to other platforms in due course (even, perhaps, the Windows phone).