There’s a brand new YouTube app for Android users, with the updated version fixing a number of minor issues and bugs. In addition to letting users edit description and other video information, it also allows for the uploading of longer videos, even over the 3G networks.

The new version, released last night, is called YouTube v2.2.14. It’s available now in the Android Market.

Here’s a sampling of what you can expect to be different or improved:

  • New uploading interface
  • Playlists can now be created, edited, and deleted right from your Android device.
  • You can edit the video’s title, description, and privacy settings on any of your uploaded videos.
  • Post comments directly to the video from within the app.
  • See new videos from your subscriptions right on the main screen of the app with the new personalized home page screen.
  • There’s a new “All” category for when you’re browsing videos with the app.
  • Bug fixes, general performance/speed issues

This is a manual update, so your YouTube app will not change unless you do it yourself. If you’d like to update to version 2.2.14, just head over to the Android Market from your mobile device and search “YouTube”–you’ve got to have version 2.2 for the update to work.