It’s like peanut butter and chocolate all over again. A new report from Google and Ipsos, who has got a creepy tagline “Nobody’s Unpredictable,” took a look at ad effectiveness in terms of ad recall and and brand metrics and found, once again, that TV and online video ads are very complementary.

The research looked at 15 and 30-second pre-roll ad for six advertising campaigns and found that viewers who saw the YouTube pre-roll and a TV ad for the same brand doubled up brand recall percentage on those who only saw TV ads. In fact, even just seeing the YouTube pre-roll offered a 1.5x increase in brand recall over a standard TV ad.

They also talked about a multi-screen bit of research they did back in September that found brand recall when shown an ad across multiple platforms. Now remember, the source is Google, who owns YouTube, who is trying to sell ads and get professional, premium content on the site, so I think a pretty sizable grain of salt is required.

YouTube And TV Ads Are better Together

Here’s their fun infographic:

Now they only checked in on 2400 people in the study.

  • Among those exposed to the 15 second spot on both YouTube and TV combined, we found 2x better recall than TV alone, 1.5x better for those exposed to the 30 second spot
  • 5 out of 6 advertisers saw ad recognition lift on the :15 spot for YouTube + TV over TV Alone, and 4 out of 6 advertisers saw lift on the :30 spot
  • YouTube generally has the same impact on aided brand attribution as TV for both :15 and :30 ads

Here’s their video about the results

Really, it just gives you 2 minutes of exactly what the infographic says, aside from the research methodology near the front end.

We’ve already known this though, there have been several reports that have stated the exact same thing, cross media ad campaigns mean better brand recall, intent to purchase, etc. I wonder when someone will do a study that shows the drop off point, where too many ads starts to show no increase in effectiveness and where the negative drop begins. That might cut down on some of the massive repetition we see in ads as well since no one wants to be throwing money away on negative-impact ad views, right?