Last month’s most watched video ad in Brazil, by a huge margin, features rock icon David Bowie serenading model Arizona Muse against the background of a sumptuous Venetian masked ball. The advert, part of Louis Vuitton’s ‘L’Invitation au Voyage’ campaign sees Muse land in Venice’s Piazza San Marco in a red and white striped hot air balloon while Bowie plays a harpsichord as he sings a rendition of “I’d Rather Be High”, a song from his latest album. Vuitton’s ad accompanies a new mobile app plus an offline campaign. Unsurprisingly, with the World Cup just months away, 4 out of the 10 ads that made the chart are football related including an excellent “Head & Shoulders” homage to soccer megastar Pele. Let’s take a look at the top 10:

Top Ten Ads on YouTube for November 2013: Brazil

#1 L’Invitation au Voyage – Louis Vuitton with David Bowie and Arizona Muse
(Creative Agency: BETC France) 32,764,790 Views

#2 #1minutodecoragem Nextel (Creative Agency: Sunset) 6,258,975 Views 

#3 Por que trazer uma criança a este mundo? Unilever (Creative Agency: David) 5,951,955 Views

#4 Internet é uma coisa, internet aqui #éoutracoisa, Claro (Creative Agency: Ogilvy) 4,674,575 Views

#5 Aliens make first contact Beckenbauer, Samsung Mobile UK (Creative Agency: R/GA in San Francisco and Cheil Worldwide in Korea) 3,632,256 Views

#6 Sorteio de Chaves da Copa do Mundo da FIFA 2014™, Itaú (Creative Agency: África) 3,524,043 Views 

#7 Mais amor, menos neura, Reckitt Benckiser (Creative Agency: Pong) 2,289,887 Views 

#8 Coisas boas acontecem! Hotel Urbano (Creative Agency: Do Rio Filmes/Artplan) 1,777,949 Views

#9 Joel e Pelé em “Camisa 10”, P&G (Creative Agency: África) 1,439,521 Views

#10 Liberty Seguros garante o seu lugar na Copa do Mundo da FIFA 2014TM (Creative Agency: Rái Publicidade) 879,750 Views

The YouTube Ads Leaderboard for November 2013 is determined by organic views, paid views and audience retention. All view counts are from November 2013.