The number one video ad in Brazil last month was a tribute to Raul Seixas, a legend of the Brazilian rock scene for more than 25 years. He died in ’89 but every year an army of fans throw a parade in his honor in São Paulo. Samsung, in partnership with Vivo, created “Metamorphosis” around the premise of Seixas going 10,000 years back in time and explaining new internet technology to a caveman. The ad obviously hit a massive nerve with viewers as nearly 12 million of them watched it on YouTube in February. Of the 10 videos included in the list, only one has an English soundtrack, but that one comes with a Portuguese voiceover and has on-screen closed captions included. These is in contrast to January, where only 3 of the ads to make the list were not originally made in the English language.

With the tops ads generating tens of millions of views, we know that Brazilians are extremely receptive to video advertising and marketing. That goes for the consumption of video ads via mobile devices too. A recent study by PWC reported that video was the consumer preference when it came to mobile ads, according to 55% of respondents. That compares with 36% of respondents in China and only 27% of mobile phone owners in the US. Unsurprisingly, YouTube leads the way when it comes to the top video site for Brazilian smartphone owners, with 91% of those surveyed confirming they used the site on a regular basis.

Top Ten Ads on YouTube for February 2014: Brazil

#1. Metamorfose Ambulante – Vivo (11,994,098 Views)

#2. Inspirar com a arte #issomudaomundo – Itaú (6,868,646 Views)

#3. Golfinho: Visa (5,686,603 Views)

#4. Comercial “Rádio”: Bom Negócio (3,401,185 Views)

#5. Comercial “Bateria”: Bom Negócio (3,149,860 Views)

#6. Negresco – #desenrola: Nestlé (2,770,756 Views)

#7. Brahma Seleção Especial: Ambev (2,413,309 Views)

#8. Comercial Up! | HAVE FUN: Volkswagen (2,139,568 Views)

#9. Friboi e Roberto Carlos – “Eu voltei”: Friboi (1,266,905 Views)

#10. Bilhete da Boa – isso sim, isso não: Ambev (334,200 Views)