Wow, talk about an abundance of video ads. First, Google announced that it’s TrueView, a family of formats that give viewers choice and control over which advertisers’ messages they want to see and when, is now pushing 18 years of video ads per day. On top of that impressive number, YouTube has also announced that 50% of all in-stream YouTube ads are skippable.

What is TrueView?

TrueView is actually three different products from Google and YouTube:

Ad FormatViewer ExperiencePricing Model
TrueView in-stream ads Ads play pre, mid, or post-roll on videos of all lengths on YouTube videos or video content across the Google Display NetworkAd plays for 5 seconds, then viewers can choose to skip or watch the adPay only when viewers watch 30 seconds of the ad or to completion, if the ad is under 30 seconds
TrueView in-display ads Ads show up in display ad units against suggested videos on YouTube or website content across the Google Display Network (Available today as Promoted Videos and Click-to-Play ads)Viewers can click the display ad unit to watch the video ad in the unit or on a YouTube watch or channel pagePay only when viewers choose to watch the ad
TrueView in-search ads Ads show up in display ad units against search results on YouTube or the Google video search results pageViewers can click the display ad unit to watch the video ad in the unit or on a YouTube watch or channel pagePay only when viewers choose to watch the ad
TrueView in-slate ads Ads appear in a “slate” before long-form video on YouTubeBefore a video plays, viewers choose either to watch an ad from one of 3 different advertisers, or to see regular commercial breaks during the videoPay only when viewers choose to watch the ad

In fact, even Promoted Videos and Google Click-to-Pay are getting rolled into the TrueView brand and will be TrueView in-search and TrueView in-display starting November 17th. It all means that YouTube TrueView advertisers are only getting charged when the ad is viewed (pay-per-view) as opposed to CPM pricing which was previously used. You can read all about TrueView here.

50% of All In-Stream YouTube Ads Are Skippable

YouTube reports that 50 percent of all in-stream ads are now skippable – a 4X increase since February – making it the most popular type of ad there. That is quite logical really. Why continue to pay CPM rates when you can switch over and only pay, as an advertiser, for the video ads that are actually viewed. I suppose you might be in the brand awareness game and just want to get the name in front of people as much as possible and then switch over to a TrueView campaign when you’ve got a specific message you’re trying to get across or a product to promote.

Also according to YouTube:

From research conducted with market research firm Ipsos, only 2 percent of viewers surveyed preferred ads they watch from start to finish without the option of skipping. In fact, 9 in 10 survey participants felt that TrueView in-stream ads lead to a more enjoyable YouTube experience.

So you can see why YouTube wants you to use them, it makes for a better experience and keeps people around longer. View rates – or the percentage of viewers who choose to watch an advertiser’s message – is holding steady at 15-45 percent they say.

Of course, that’s a 30% swing so how steady is that really? Perhaps that’s actually on a brand-by-brand basis and so some are seeing the higher while others the lower?

They did say that on average, TrueView in-stream ads reduce audience drop-off by 40 percent when compared to regular pre-roll ads, so that’s definitely a major plus there.