YouTube knows that slow motion videos are a huge spectacle on their site, and so they’ve decided to add a SloMo function to their YouTube Editor.  The enhancements feature on the editor has stuff like lighting and color fixing, image stabilization, trimming, color filters, and face blurring.  The YouTube Editor was introduced back in October 2011 in order to help those who didn’t have access to video editing software.  It’s not nearly as powerful as pro software, of course, but most people don’t really need that stuff.  And they keep adding features to it all the time.  Now, we have SloMo.

YouTube’s Times Square Example for SloMo

Here’s a video of Times Square at normal speed:]v=2_okDfy1cuA

And now, the magic of SloMo is introduced, at 1/8th the speed:

Anyway, a cool new feature for some of you out there.  For many others, not such a big deal.  But it shows that YouTube realizes that not everyone has access to the good stuff out there.