YouTube is announcing in a new video that YouTube itself has just been an 8-year-contest to “find the best video of all-time.”  And that’s what at least one of their April Fool’s jokes is, as there may be even more in store.  Google has already gotten in on the act by adding a “treasure map” layer to Google Maps, and thus the games begin.  Greg Jarboe will have an article tomorrow going over the history of YouTube and Google April Fool’s pranks over the years, but for now, let’s enjoy a pretty funny video that will likely, despite all the evidence to the contrary, get people to believe YouTube’s days are numbered.

YouTube’s Ready to Select A Winner

Here’s the star-laden YouTube April Fool’s prank:

This is a really funny video.  I love two lines in particular, where Antoine Dodson says:

We are all storytellers, that’s what pulled me into this contest.  You know like, stories of how to Photoshop and stories about The Hobbit trailer, HD.

And where Tim Liston says:

…our esteemed panel will select the best video, which will be announced when the site goes back online in 2023, featuring the winner of YouTube and nothing else.

And, oh, in case you missed it, here are the outtakes that are available if you catch the hot spots in the video.  Judging Outtake #1:

And #2:

Now I’m going to be ever watchful of other possible April Fool’s jokes out there that Google and YouTube might be cooking up.