Adweek released their Ads Leaderboard for May today, and we see some overlap of Unruly’s chart from earlier in the week, obviously.  While the subject of what constitutes a “most viewed ad” can be controversial at times, because so many views come from pre-rolls, the thing I like about Unruly’s chart is that they measure shares, not views, and AdWeek measures “significant organic views” (although these ads will have paid views as well).  So for the most part, these ads are what people are willingly watching for whatever reason.  Usually, it’s because they’re pretty good.

Adweek’s May 2013 Video Ads Leaderboard

Let’s get this countdown started:

#10. Samsung Monitors “Buddy the Dog” (1.8 million views)

A guy walks around with his plush toy dog like it’s real.  Then eyes the Samsung monitor displaying a real dog with suspicion:

#9. Old Spice “Shave” (2.3 million views)

I wonder what actor Terry Crews does after an Old Spice shoot…his mind must be scrambled from all the weirdness.  No surprise that Old Spice and Crews crack the list a couple of times here.

#8 Cruzan Rum “Welcome to the Don’t Hurry” (2.9 million)

Cruzan Rum continues the tradition of associating rum with fun island life, and hey man, “Don’t hurry through life, take it easy.”

#7 Windows 8 “Less Talking More Doing” (4.4 million)

Microsoft takes aim at their long-time rival Apple in this side-by-side look at their new tablet versus an iPad voiced by an ineffectual Siri:

#6 Kmart “Big Gas Savings” (5.1 million)

We’ve talked in-depth about this one already.  The follow-up to Kmart’s hugely successful “Ship My Pants” has taken the video ad world by storm:

#5 Xbox One “Unveil Video” (5.6 million)

New tech, a new all-in-one entertainment system…of course people were curious to see the video showing it off:

#4 Audi: “Zachary Quinto vs. Leonard Nimoy: The Challenge” (5.8 million)

Capitalizing on the new Star Trek movie, this much-discussed Audi ad was 4th on the list:

#3 Old Spice “Baby” (6.5 million)

Terry Crews and crazy Old Spice crack the top 3 with cracked craziness:

#2 Sony “PlayStation 4” (7.1 million)

This teaser for the new video game system, which pretty much shows nothing and tells you to go to E3 to get a good look, still got lots of people to watch:

#1 Call of Duty “Ghosts Masked Warriors Teaser Trailer” (10.9 million)

Adweek is quick to point out that Call of Duty’s “Ghosts Reveal Trailer” has 13 million views, but it doesn’t recognize “game play trailers” and only live-action ones for some reason.  Strange.  Anyway, anything Call of Duty is going to get huge numbers, and the live-action teaser is no different: