It’s News to You has created a “Video and Social Media Rankings” report for New York City museums.  In it, they’ve discovered that these videos have received over 49 million views on their YouTube channels since 2007.  That’s museums, zoos, and botanic gardens.  They’ve even broken down the data into which museums have the most views, which particular video has garnered the most attention, and a whole bunch more.  So let’s see what they came up with: what’s getting museum enthusiasts to watch video?

Museums and Video: What’s Popular

I’ve always thought that video’s main calling card in its rising importance is the ability to educate.  And that’s basically what these museums are doing here: they open up a window into further education, a better understanding of art, history, and culture.  Plus, they give themselves tremendous advertising and exposure by teasing their exhibits and inviting people to see them up close.

The top museums, according to channel views, are The Paley Center for Media (33 million), American Museum of Natural History (15 million), and the Japan Society, which offers awesome language lessons (7 million).

The American Museum of Natural History has the top-viewed video of all time (11 million), “The Known Universe,” produced for the Rubin Museum’s Visions of the Cosmos:

That was back in 2009.  What was the most-viewed museum video of 2012?  Also from the AMNH, “Whales Give Dolphins A Lift,” at 2 million views:

Other top videos include this one from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which saw 1.6 million views for this video of The Roentgens’ Berlin Secretary Cabinet, a cabinet with tons of secrets that gets your imagination going:

These institutions weren’t above music videos either, as this video from Arif Lohar and Friends called “Jugni Ji” was the top-viewed in its genre and grabbed over half a million views:

The study finds that the most social media and video channels come from The Jewish Museum and the Rubin Museum of Art.  For more about the study, go visit It’s News to You.