Yahoo and its plans surrounding online video have been a cause for speculation for years, especially since the appointment of Marissa Mayer to the role of CEO of the company. Now, rumor has it that these plans are about to come to fruition within the next couple of months, with the launch of a dedicated video sharing platform. Re/code broke the story earlier and claim that Yahoo wants to roll out a “showcase” for popular video content and is prepared to offer a more financially lucrative incentive for big name content creators and publishers than YouTube can, via an improve ad revenue rate.

Video creators shouldn’t get too excited by the news of another mainstream outlet just yet though if the reports are to be believed. Yahoo will initially target famous names and are cherry-picking those currently doing very well on YouTube to come over. However, there are apparently plans in development for Yahoo to create either their own video content management system, or to acquire, or partner with, a third-party site like Vimeo for a more universal distribution platform.

Yahoo has already dipped a big toe in the water with its attempted purchase of Dailymotion for around $300 million last year. When that deal fell through, it was only a matter of time before they made the next move. Will the proposed Yahoo business model finally push Google into addressing the concerns many creators have regarding the financial incentives currently on offer at YouTube? We’ve discussed at length how YouTube has struggled to meet the demands of advertisers and those who create content that is advertised against. We eagerly await to see if, and how, Yahoo face this challenge.