With so many people getting news from so many sources, the giants of the medium have begun to lose a lot of their audience.  So now, you have giant corporations teaming up to combine their respective viewers into one large audience to be more attractive to advertisers.  Yahoo News and ABC News are now teaming up to create original series that will play on both of their sites, a potential audience of 100 million.  

Yahoo & AOL Launch Newsmakers

The first series is Newsmakers, an interview show with George Stephanopoulos that launched today with a slam-bang opener: an interview with President Barack Obama that live streamed on both sites.

This is the type of partnership that looks to combine the best of both brands: Yahoo’s reach to millions of people online, and ABC’s reputation as a major network with dependable news personalities.  Reach and dependability serves as catnip to advertisers.  Plus, what the two entities seem really excited about is being able to reach your mobile devices.  With this kind of reach, they get 25 million visitors a day.

Yahoo Livestand Digital News Platform

The announcement comes during Advertising Week in New York, where Yahoo is expected to launch their digital newstand, Livestand, digital news content that is targeting tablet computers (kind of like Flipboard).  They are launching it as an HTML5 app, which will make it easier to download on any device through the web, rather than having to go to an app store and having to deal with proprietary licenses of specialized apps.

With a partnership with ABC and ease of use, Yahoo stands to be a major player in news delivery on the Internet.