When Andrew Stanton talks about stories, he has a pretty good idea of what he’s talking about. Andrew who? you might ask. To wit my response would be, “Oscar-winning filmmaker and writer of Finding Nemo, Toy Story (all of them), Wall-E, Monsters, Inc., and A Bug’s Life.” So yeah, Mr. Stanton knows how to tell a story. Mr. Stanton gave a TED talk about storytelling in fact. Google, took his words to heart and make a video touting Google Search and telling us that, We’re All Storytellers.  The commercial for Google ran last night during The 2014 Oscars 86th Academy Awards.


The reason it is of interest, is because the video is practically dedicated to makers of video.

Storytellers who have taken the visual medium to the extremes, who has used every trick in the book to get the perfect angle, the perfect shot, in the perfect lighting. Those who have stayed up all night editing the day’s footage only to realize that all the sound was garbage and that days of re-recording and then lip syncing were in their future.

Those who felt the urge to tell a story to the unknown, faceless masses so strongly that they sacrifice sleep, food, time and energy to doing just that. Not to mention the very real danger of online ridicule from hordes of Internet trolls. It is a love letter to those who saved to months to get the essential piece of equipment only to realize, they didn’t know where to begin when they got it, but then muscled through with a little help from the world’s largest search engine.

Google Shows Video Creators Some Love

Hey, it’s a Google search ad after all. If anyone has made a name for themselves on the backs of filmmakers, it’s Google and YouTube. Without all of us the second largest search engine in the world would be devoid of content. It would be a lifeless wasteland with nary a cat video, Star Wars fan film, video blog, video game-inspired scripted video or a foul-mouthed, opinionated guy whom we all love to catch up with multiple times each week.

Yeah, it’s about time they showed us all some love, don’t you think? Yes, we are all storytellers at heart. Some of us do it with words, others with still images and now, more than ever, many of us with moving images and sound.

Mr. Stanton understands it, he understands us. After all, he is one of us. Google might not fully understand us, but without them, we wouldn’t have the ability to build an audience like we do, we wouldn’t be able to tell our story to those nameless, faceless masses so easily. And we certainly wouldn’t have seen the stories of those innumerable others. Sure, by now YouTube without Google might have become what it is today, or another site would have stepped up and taken on the role. And there are many sites out there that also allow us to transmit our words, our images, our stories to the world.

The TED Talk lets Mr. Stanton tell a story about stories and about the telling of stories. He gives us insight into telling great ones and helps us all become better tellers of stories. And not surprisingly, his TED Talk is a story in and of itself.