In tandem with the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit, we created a contest with Spot Trender to find the best in B2C, B2B, and PSA, along with an overall best spot.  The contest urged creators to put a spot on YouTube, set up a Spot Trender account, and vote on the best videos.  The winners would get publicity and bragging rights.  Spot Trender used “reaction graphs” from the users who liked/disliked/commented to come up with the videos that came out on top.

Spot Trender wanted videos that “told a clear story, were memorable, served their business purpose and that the voters told us they understood and connected with.”  A complete list of the videos that were voted on can be found here.

So who ended up on top in this process?  Let’s take a look.

Best B2C

The best B2C spot went to this entry from Community South Credit Union called “Fish for the Future,” which took a generational, emotional approach to their spot:

Best B2B

Limelight took a humorous approach to something they call “Digital Presence Deficiency,” defined as an affliction that is caused by lackluster content, terrible performance, no mobile ability, and so on.

Best PSA

More than a year ago, One World Communications did this rap spot about recycling oil, and it took down the “Best PSA” category:

Best Overall

Brother Office took the best overall spot for their “Office Brothers: Organized Chaos” spot, which is the second episode in a series of quick shorts.  This one illustrates the importance of a P-Touch:

Here’s the announcement video: