Vine celebrated its first birthday yesterday and during that time it has attracted thousands of brands, organizations and creative individuals, keen to upload their 6-second clips to the world. Alongside Samsung, Disney, and BatDad, there are some unexpected creators carving out their own niche on the platform – such as the Westboro Baptist Church. Yes, that Westboro Baptist Church. And its videos are as wacky, hateful and homophobic as you would expect.

The ‘God Hates Fags’ church is no stranger to attention grabbing tactics like picketing military funerals or other events they believe support LGBT rights. They once picketed a Kansas store because it sold Swedish vacuum cleaners, a country that the church viewed as being supportive of gay people. Vine has become a valuable outlet for the group, who are able to produce videos quickly, like the one reacting to Justin Bieber’s arrest, below. However, engagement remains very low with few re-Vines, Tweets or Facebook likes for the majority of their content. They do seem to attract an enormous amounts of anti-WBC comments though, which I’m sure they don’t lose a second of sleep over. Grab your popcorn, sit back and marvel at how an extremist group of individuals is using social media to spread their unique message to the outside world:

The church reacts to Bieber’s DUI arrest with a call for him to be returned to Canada.

 WBC “do” Ace of Base…. 

Of course she is.

The Westboro team de-construct the recent ‘Duck Dynasty’ controversy. Pulitzers all round.


Created using actual kids. 

My personal favorite. Let’s record an anti-Steve Jobs message on an iPhone that we paid Apple to own.