This technically marks the second viral video round up article of the week, since I also wrote a Monday Morning Grindhouse post as well. And if you enjoyed that… the good news is that it looks like I’ll be continuing that as a regular series detailing the best viral clips heading into your work week. But by no means does that mean I don’t have enough awesome videos to share with you today. In fact, I could probably do a viral video round up every single day without running out of material.

This week’s clips are all over the place, so there should be something entertaining here for everyone. Let’s begin:


About a week ago, I wrote about how YouTube had integrated some animation-building software into their site, allowing even users who don’t own a video camera to get involved in online video. But the truth is… there’s always been a camera-free way to go viral: just edit someone else’s video to create something new.

Adapting someone else’s video can come in many forms: mockery, flattery, and even complete transformation of the original artwork into something new. We’ve got some of each this week to examine.

First off, there’s Rebecca Black, who may have spawned more spoofs, parodies, and imitations than the movie Downfall. There are literally hundreds of videos that adapt her song and video for “Friday,” and a good number of them are going viral.

There’s the bad-lip-reading version, where a user has created new lyrics (and audio) based solely on what Black’s lips appear to be saying in the original clip. It’s odd and completely nonsensical… yet still somehow entertaining:

Another spoof of Friday throws out the lyrics and music altogether, and instead creates something new based on the actions in the original video alone. It’s even weirder than the last one, but still… again… somehow pretty funny. It is a bit crude, with some foul language, so be warned:

These two talking babies–who genuinely appear to be involved in deep discussion (disagreement?)–went viral this week:

And I knew as soon as I saw that clip, that there would be viral videos adapting it to show us “what they’re really saying.” And I was right:

An aspiring visual effects professional decided to help practice and hone his skills by removing the badminton rackets from our next clip and replacing them with lightsabers (complete with sounds), and the result is pretty amazing:

In addition to providing a video outlet for people without cameras… adaptation is a great viral strategy because it piggybacks on the fame and admiration for a video that’s already gone viral. Once a video is a success, it’s on everyone’s radar. It’s a trending topic on Twitter. So other videos related to the original phenomenon are sure to grab the attention of many viewers.

But Nike showed it can be so much more than just piggybacking on a recent trend… it can be a true recycling of existing footage that turns it into something new and entertaining in its own right. Like this guy, who takes other people’s videos and creates songs out of them:

Daring Or Stupid?

Sometimes a video goes viral because the star does something that is motivated by either bravery or stupidity. Sometimes you’re not sure which.

I’ve never been base-jumping. And there’s a very good reason for that: I don’t want to die. While it definitely looks exhilarating… it also looks like one of the more dangerous things I could ever decide to do. But many people enjoy it, and some are quite good at it.

Maybe some are too good at it, leading them to do stunts like buzzing their friends on their way down the mountain:

Our next “brave or stupid?” video involves a convenience store clerk and his attempts to fight off a would-be robber. I’m going to go ahead and tell you the answer ahead of time on this one: this guy is very, very brave… AND very, very stupid:

“Will It Blend” is a fantastic series of videos about blenders churning up all kinds of objects and gadgets. But it does not need a spin-off called “Will It Slingshot?” And yet, we have a slingshot enthusiast, attempting to answer the burning question, “Can you throw a machete with a slingshot?”

Outrageous behavior is great fodder for viral video, even more so when someone survives something that most likely should have killed or maimed them. The sheer shock of seeing someone do something so dumb (or daring) triggers that itch in the viewer to share the clip with friends.

Singers Singing Songs

Singers post videos of their own talents every day. And I’m sure many talented people go unnoticed, even while talentless people become famous (not naming any names here). This week, we saw a number of viral hits that featured impressively talented individuals.

First up, PeteBox, who is very talented. He covers The Pixies “Where is My Mind?”

For the most part, when a musician has great talent, the Internet applauds him or her… at least when the videos are discovered. I’m not convinced every talented singer on YouTube can end up with a music career, but I’m sure glad they have the chance to try. Videos like this go viral because we root for the singer… and we want to share something entertaining or uplifting with our friends and family.

I’m a really big fan of this next singer’s video. He asked a classmate to prom, but he did it in style… and with the help of nearly the entire classroom:

I should have done that when I was in school. That kid is set! Even if it doesn’t work out with this girl, the rest of the girls in that school are going to be big fans of this kind of romantic gesture (and apparently the Internet is as well). How can you not forward something that adorable to your friends?

Honorable Mention

Just in case that’s not enough viral goodness for your Friday… here are a few more that I didn’t have time to get to: