It’s time once again for the Webby Awards and there is a big pile of categories in the Online Film and Media portion, not to mention the Interactive Advertising & Media portion. Since the website is a beast to navigate, I will pull in some highlights from the categories of note for online video. Probably not all of them, like I said, a big pile of categories.

Online Film and Media

In this area there are 35 category awards. Four of them are for branded content, five are for the craft itself (writing or performance), six are for channels/networks.


Branded gets a good chunk of categories as always which is no wonder since it was such a major portion of online video last year when it exploded. You might not have heard of anything in the long form where Vice Media has two entries (of their 11) but you’ve certainly heard of something in the short form like the Epic Split or Through Google Glass.

Nomination Collectors

Climate Name Change shows up in numerous categories and could end up being the big winner this year – Branded Entertainment Scripted, Public Service & Activism, and Viral. Well three categories. It just goes to show that even activism can go viral when done right. The crux of the campaign is to get the World Meteorological Organization to name extreme storms after people who deny there is any such thing as climate change. To date, the petition has over 108,000 signatures.

Other notables with a pile of nominations is The New York Times with 10 and Google with 9.

The Webby Awards also cover non-video categories including Online & apps, Web, and Social which features Best Use of Video which sees GoPro going against Lowe’s and the Brooklyn Film Fest. In the Web category there’s a Games-Related award which sees Twitch squaring off against The Escapist and another Best Use of Video or Moving Image which has Rolling Stone up against NatGeo, Time and NYT.

All in all video makes a pretty big impact in the Webby Awards this year, or at least, it’s set to come Monday April 19th when Patton Oswalt is the host of the awards show, which of course will be streamed on demand that following day. After all, if the Webby Awards does not keep up with the times, how can they give out awards?