It doesn’t always take a dance craze or a million dollar budget for a video to become one that’s very quickly shared amongst friends, colleagues and the wider world. Sometimes it just takes a film that taps into the mood of the moment, and strikes a chord with those who watch it. Amid dancing ponies and screaming goats, a far more sombre and reflective video is currently lighting up social media.

A one -off YouTube upload by user ‘Politizane‘ has taken the data from a variety of 2012 blog posts that focused in on the state of the American economy and turned it into a simple (but 6.5 minute long) series of infographics. It’s effect on the viewing public is reflected in the viewing stats (2,574,215 at time of writing with 25,984 likes). The 11,108 comments it has attracted on YouTube give an indication of the strength of feeling, from both sides of the political spectrum, to the debate. We anticipate that the interest in the video will only increase over the next few days as it hits its stride in the news and other online sources.