I’ve written about Star Wars Uncut several times over the last couple of years. It’s a crowdsourced fan-film recreation of the original Star Wars, with every 15-second segment of the film shot by a different creator in a different style… with different sets and actors. The project has been on my radar because of how important a sign it is for where crowdsourced video is going.

On a side note, the project is suddenly interesting again in light of the recent SOPA and PIPA debates, but I guess that’s neither here nor there.

Star Wars Uncut: Crowdsourced Filmmaking Project

The real lesson from Star Wars Uncut is that large groups of relative strangers can rally around a single concept and project, and can collectively create something bigger and greater than most of them could have done on their own. That’s why crowdsourced video is important. It may be a format that is currently still rather gimmicky, but there’s real power there under the surface.

Before this week, the only way to watch Star Wars Uncut was to visit their site, where a custom video playlist loaded all the 15-second clips one right after another in succession. I had understood that to be for copyright reasons, but perhaps that was wrong. Or maybe they don’t care about that anymore… maybe putting the film on YouTube actually is some kind of SOPA-related statement?

Regardless, it’s nice to be able to view it in a more proper method–and to be able to embed it! If you’re a Star Wars fan, or just a fan of really inventive and fun video projects… don’t miss it: