Ooyala, whom I need to speak with about something else and who should email me (yeah, I know it works because I’ve done it before), put out a pretty rockin new infographic on Friday which talked about video consumption. I just happened to stumble upon it when I was looking for info on their Ooyala Social (which I also need to talk to them about) which adds a bunch of social features to the HD streaming video experience (like Hulu has, sort of like LeanIn provides, etc).

Android Tablet Video Consumption On The Rise

So right, the infographic. It sort of focused on three main things with the first being Android tablet video consumption and they found some pretty great stuff like it’s growing three times faster than iPad which is probably in line with the rate at which the OS is gaining in popularity as well. Sure, the little android that could has only got 3% of videos on tablets currently and 25% of the market share, but he is still ion-streaming along (who would want a steam powered android that chugged, right?) Ion engines are far cooler.

More Americans Watch Online Video

The report also shows a massive jump in online video hours watched in the US as they are seeing 550 million hours per week in 2011 versus just 425 million in 2010. In fact, that graph has a definite acceleration to the growth of online video viewing, you can clearly see it (below).

Tablets Over Mobile

Finally, Ooyala reports that mobile phone users aren’t nearly as engaged as tablet online video viewers. The tabbies watch 40% longer on average cruising to an 80-90 second range versus the roughly 60 seconds of mobile phones.

What all of this showed is that, I really want to get into the infographic making business. No, wait, it showed that tablets are rapidly becoming an online video viewing platform and that with the way things are going this is going to be a continuing trend and that means we all need to get on the bandwagon and start thinking about where the content is going to make sure it looks its best. We also need to make sure that our monetization models for video advertising play into the key features of tablets: 7-10 inch screens, touch interfaces, 3G/4G connectivity, so that the advertising can take advantage of them all properly and work to do what it is supposed to do: increase purchase intent, boost brand awareness and extend consumer engagement with the brand.

Right? Right!