Facebook isn’t dead yet, despite what some might say. Sure, they randomly make widespread changes  to the interface that are hugely unpopular with the users (much like putting on a crappy song at a party), sure they are struggling to keep up with the ever-expanding juggernaut that is Google+ (which still lacks basic features like automatic sharing from RSS feeds, etc), but they’ve now got a new Hulu plus app… which seems to me really just a way to circumvent your workplace network policies so you can watch at work.

The Latest Hulu on Facebook App

The newest integration of Hulu on Facebook includes:

  • The app for Hulu on Facebook is a fully integrated experience that enables you to watch Hulu videos without leaving Facebook. And because you are watching through Facebook, the videos you watch will be instantly shared with your friends if you choose to do so.
  • The app will also show you what videos your friends are watching, and enable you to start conversations with them. As you are watching a new episode, clip, or movie from Hulu on Facebook, you can leave a comment on a particular moment within the video, and share those comments with friends on both Facebook and Hulu.
  • Facebook will be aggregating the stories in such a way that you’ll be able to see all the likes, comments, and watches around a certain video, making it easy for you discover and share new TV shows and movies

Is the Hulu on Facebook App Any Good?

Now it’s not anywhere near perfect. For example you can’t get your queue, even if your Facebook and Hulu accounts are tied together. You also cannot favorite, or add things to your queue. Nor can you even access any existing playlists you might have. There are only three options available:

  • Watch now: What appears to simply be a chronological list of latest additions.
  • Feed: What your friends have been watching recently.
  • History: What you’ve been watching lately.

Frankly, this is a terribly incomplete integration. Why would I not just go to Hulu if I could? Then I have my favorites, my queue and the ability to add to both. On Facebook I can’t do any of that and would have to possibly search through dozens of pages of results to find something I want to watch.

Nope, not a good integration whatsoever. I’m staring at two pages, Hulu on Facebook, and Hulu which says I’m connected to my Facebook account. So why the hell can’t they manage to import the information from one account to the other? Really, what you’re watching, and perhaps when you’re watching might not be something you want shared out on Facebook, especially if your employer happens to be one of those places that skims Facebook, checking out its workers profiles and activities.  The social aspect of the Hulu app on Facebook is pretty much the same thing that’s on Hulu now, the ability to share what you’re watching and comment on it.

Link to the Hulu on Facebook app: http://apps.facebook.com/huluapp.

If you ask me, it’s an almost total fail.