While we were in San Francisco attending the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit, we ran into a lot of industry professionals who really know their stuff.  One such person was Ryan Noel, who is a Paid Media Specialist for BLASTmedia.  In other words, when you need to set up an advertising campaign on YouTube, Ryan is the kind of guy you want guiding you, especially when you’re diving into AdWords for Video for the first time.  The process in starting a campaign is simple, but knowing exactly what settings to enter for the best campaign can be a daunting task.

How to Set Up A YouTube Advertising Campaign

Normally, we would write all the main points from a video underneath our embed, but this one has lots of information, as you’ll see by the 33:07 run time.  Everything from what kind of frequency you want your ads to appear, to whether you want the ad to play only on YouTube, to how often a viewer can see the ad in a given week, to how you want to target the ad–you get the picture: it’s comprehensive.

We’d like to thank Ryan for his time in explaining all of this to us!  Got some comments or questions?  Tell us down below or on the watch page!