AMC has been providing great shows for a few years now, with Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead being their calling cards.  But when Walking Dead show-runner Frank Darabont got fired in July, it created some bad blood between people working on the show and AMC.  One actor, Being Human‘s Sam Witwer, spoke to Paranormal Pop Culture’s Aaron Sagers and discussed his anger towards Darabont’s treatment from AMC, and how a really cool web series based on the character of “Tank Zombie” will no longer be a reality. (Hat tip, MovieWeb and Brian Gallagher)

Sam Witwer Unloads On AMC, Praises Frank Darabont’s Vision

Witwer’s very well reasoned, controlled anger is in this video:

Witwer is on Being Human, an original series on SyFy.  He got a break when Darabont casted him in his film The Mist, so obviously he’s very loyal to the guy, and speaks to the great spirit that is created on a Darabont set.  Darabont, of course, is best known as the director of The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile.  Sagers’ question to Witwer about being involved with The Mist and whether that could have led to an opportunity working on The Walking Dead led to this enlightening video.

Witwer’s overall disgust with AMC comes in two prongs.  One is the fact that such a great idea is not going to be a reality anymore, in fact Witwer claims a great many ideas are not going to be used now that Darabont is gone.  Darabont had the vision to actually cast Witwer as “Tank Zombie” in the pilot episode of The Walking Dead and planned to make it into a web series prequel.  As we know, the series sated fans before Season 2 with a web series based on “Bicycle Girl” in much the same way.

Which brings us to the second problem Witwer has with the way the show is being handled by AMC.  The problem is money.  Everyone is taking a pay cut to be on that show, and they were willing to do it as long as Darabont called the shots.  And the decision not to make the web series comes down to “saving a couple of bucks.”  Now Witwer claims that many people are disgusted about Darabont’s departure and the money problems and are still working on the show because they’re “trapped.”

Anyway, interesting stuff from an actor who has a successful series on cable and had a very small role in The Walking Dead, and obviously no fear of reprisal, which makes it tremendous viewing for those interested.