Everyone offers a customizable video player experience and that’s what we’ve come to expect from our online video platforms. Today, Vzaar takes that notion one step further and is now offering a completely customizable video pages allowing you to brand not just the video player but the entire video and portfolio pages for your content there.

Your Own Look & Feel with Custom Branded Video Landing Pages

Vzaar’s Branded Pages offer a handful of templates that you can choose from and then you can customize the Logo, Company name, background color/image, description (which is a link) color and then in the video box also the video title and description colors. Here’s a quick look at the template and customizable options.

You can see at the bottom of the image that the templates really just move the logo and the description around a bit.

The Logo can be an image, along with the background image and for your color scheme you can also pick transparency levels. They’ve even given the option to directly import your setting from a Twitter handle which I thought was pretty cool.

Check out these examples below, I didn’t do any optimizing or editing, I just typed in the Twitter handle and previewed the looks. I just wanted to give a quick peek at it.

Branded Video Pages 1.0 – A Simple Solution for Creative Pros

My big question was how does one see this page? Well, each video that’s uploaded to Vzaar has a public URL, that is, if you don’t have the videos set to private of course.  Our example above is at http://vzaar.com/videos/912617.

It’s rudimentary but effective for some purposes, like an creative agency that wants to quickly do a mock up for a client, etc. Vzaar stated that it would also be good for eCommerce sites. I thought that might not be ideal as it takes viewers away from your main site and there doesn’t seem to be a way, to say, embed a buy now, or add to cart button. There’s no way to monetize the pages and content with companion display ads either.

But that’s all probably in the works as they mentioned in the FAQ about this particular feature that they’ve “got lots in the pipeline for Branded Video Pages.”

What I’d Like to See:

Ideally, you would be able to have a page that had a player with a video or playlist that was assigned to a subdomain of your own site and was fully customizable giving you complete control over the content of the pages (like another OVP does that I’m aware of) including the ability to include those calls to action like add to cart and buy now, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, this is definitely a step forward for Vzaar and their customers. Of course, with Vzaar you’ve always got the option to embed the video with an iFrame player that will dynamically serve content based on the device/browser that asks for it and this is a natural expansion of that offering.

The next logical step, is a full-featured white label offering that might allow for a variety of new features and uses.

You can learn more about Vzaar’s new branded video landing pages and view their documentation here.