Last month, we wrote about YouTube’s new method for picking some great new videos to spotlight on the home page.  It’s called On The Rise, and it takes the videos with the fastest-growing subscription totals and puts the whole thing up to a vote–they’re letting the users replace the old human moderator system.  And since it’s a monthly feature, it’s time to vote again.

That’s right.  It’s been four weeks since the user community crowned the first On The Rise winner, EmilyNoel83, a newscaster who posts make-up tips.  She received promotion on some prime real estate on the YouTube home page, some social media buzz from the company, and a host of free coverage from news sites and blogs around all over the web.  Oh, and her subscriber count doubled.

December’s vote begins now to see who the second video creator will be to benefit from an On The Rise victory.  And if you follow ReelSEO, you might recognize a few of the contenders, since we’ve featured a few of them ourselves.  Here’s a brief rundown of the four nominees:


This is a trick basketball shot crew, officially named Dude Perfect, and it’s almost a surprise they qualify for this contest–from the viral hits they’ve already achieved, I would have guessed they had already amassed more than 100,00 subscribers.  Here’s an example of one of their videos:


Jesse is a Jack Russel terrier who does some pretty awesome tricks, which are then compiled and archived with this YouTube account.  You might remember this video, which we featured in our viral video round up just a few weeks ago:


This channel features a culinary duo whipping up fun tutorials and lessons on cooking Indian cuisine.  Here’s one of their videos:


One of the more fascinating channels up for the On The Rise prize is this crochet instructor–if only because it’s mildly surprising to me that a crochet channel can be gaining followers at the same rate as something like dog tricks or basketball stunts.  Here’s a sample:

You only have until December 7th to vote, which you can do over on the YouTube blog (in the top right corner).

Who will be the next On The Rise winning channel?  My money’s on the dog–considering all that he can do, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that the dog can also organize a mass online voting effort to stuff the ballot box.

If you want a chance at winning this fantastic prize, and increasing your audience size through the considerable publicity that follows, you should shoot for a rapidly-climbing subscriber count.  But keep that total under 100,000 and you should be eligible for consideration.  Of course, if you do go over 100,000 subscribers, you’re already doing pretty well, and it’s likely that you don’t really need the boost that winning On The Rise affords.