Every marketing director seems to have the same request for their video agency these days – to create something that will go instantly viral. You can’t blame them for asking, after all a branded video that engages an audience so much that they watch it in their millions can elevate your brand and create a massive opportunity for increased visibility and sales. Transnational companies are turning to video as as the best way to reach potential customers and create a buzz around their service or product. We’re seeing this kind of activity in Spain as  companies such as Coca Cola and Samsung are spending thousand of euros in order to create stunning branded content that wows their audiences. Let’s take a look at some of the big video hits of 2013.

Top 10 Branded Viral Videos of 2013: Spain

Commercials, movie and videogame trailers were the most popular video content in Spain last year, all of them representing international brands and entertainment contents… Fair enough, Spaniards like quality content no matter where they come from! According to the Ebuzzing’s report about video marketing in Spain last year, the most successful campaigns in terms of views were the following:

1. Evian – ‘Baby&Me’

2. Volvo Trucks – ‘The Epic Split Feat. Van Damme’

3. Samsung – Usher’s ‘Looking 4 Myself’ 


4. Internet Explorer- ‘Child of the 90s’ 

5. Pepsi Max – ‘Test Drive’


6. ‘El Hombre de Acero’ (‘Man of Steel’) Official Trailer 3

7. Louis Vuitton – ‘L’Invitation au Voyage’

8. PlayStation 4, published on February 21st

9. ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Official Gameplay Video

10. ‘Resacón en las Vegas III’ (‘The Hangover Part III’) Official Teaser Trailer

Non-professional Viral Videos: “Made in Spain”

But, from time to time, a non-professional video goes viral too. That is, videos created by people with no commercial purposes and recorded using a simple video camera or a smartphone, or creative and funny editions or parodies of professional videos. All of us have watched, commented and shared videos such us ‘David after dentist‘ ‘Charlie bite my finger – again!‘ or ‘Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball (Chatroulette Version)’, which had massive traction in Spain as well. Even though viral videos are already a global trend, and the most popular ones worldwide usually turn into the most popular locally too, we have great viral videos “made in Spain”. Here you have some good examples:

‘La Sorpresa’ (‘The Surprise’)

Emotion and social and political criticism are the main ingredients of this video. ‘We hope you let us back someday’ (‘Esperamos que algún día nos dejéis volver’) is the key message of the creators. ‘La Sorpresa’ is about Spaniards who are forced to leave the country where they were born and raised due to the lack of professional opportunities in Spain nowadays.

‘Metro Curriculum Vitae – Enzo Vizcaino’ (‘Resume in the subway – Enzo Vizcaino’)

Enzo Vizcaino was an unemployed journalist who decided to record himself singing a song and playing a ukulele in the subway, and uploaded the video to Youtube. The song was about his professional skills and background, and the lyrics were very funny and witty. The video went viral in a few days, and as a result Enzo was hired by laSexta, a national TV channel, to work as a scriptwriter for a comedy talk show.

Ana Botella, mayor of Madrid, gave a speech in English to the International Olympic Committee in September 2013. Even though the speech was not bad in terms of grammar, her unmistakable Spanish accent and some surprising phrases mixing Spanish and English words set off a storm in the Spanish society (and of course on the Internet too), ashamed by the poor English skills of our politicians. As a result, several videos mocking this speech went viral, especially those around the most commented part of the speech (“There is nothing like a relaxing cup of café con leche (coffee with milk) in Plaza Mayor”). Among the most viewed and funny, I would highlight a couple of them:

o ‘Chuck Norris se enfada al oír hablar inglés a Ana Botella’ (‘Chuck Norris gets mad when Ana Botella speaks in English’)


Video mixing Ana Botella’s speech with dance music

As you can see Spaniards have a good sense of humor. At the end of the day, humor is the best way to cope with problems, no matter how big they are.