This week, we have another tip from our friend and “viral video genius,” Kevin “NaltsNalty who has many years of video marketing experience.  We asked him to share with us a bit of what the creative process looks like for him and what process marketers can follow to create video marketing ideas that are entertaining and engaging, while at the same time work to drive sales or awareness for a brand product or service.

Kevin’s Creative Process for Video Marketing Ideas

Kevin says the key is to realize that it’s a balancing act.

“You want to entertain first and promote second and that can be tricky for a marketer…”

There Are 3 choices For Brands and Businesses:

  1. Create your own content and hope it goes viral (good luck).
  2. Create ads and force them…  with pre-rolls.
  3. Work your product, brand, and story into videos that are already being seen, through creators that have already established credibility and create good content.”

QUESTION: What does your creative process look like for video marketing ideas?