It’s the end of the working week, so what better way to celebrate the coming weekend than with some excellent viral videos that you have definitely haven’t used the work computer to watch in the last 7 days…..As it was April Fools on Tuesday, we bring you two of the best video pranks, both of which have gone viral and deservedly so. We loved ‘Cats React’ from the Fine Bros, although we couldn’t believe this hadn’t been done before, and the Google Pokémon competition was inspired. Our favorite video of the week though is the Mentos/Coke/Condom/Nutella experiment. Don’t ask, just watch.

ReelSEO’s Viral Videos of the Week

Those “Teens/Elders/YouTubers React To” videos are all very well but really, it was about time the Fine Bros cut the nonsense and got straight to the heart of the internet – CATS. Who cares that kids and oldies have an opinion on something, we want to see more cat reactions to all manner of topics; James Franco and that teen, Letterman resigning, Amazon Fire…..

There were a couple of April Fools pranks pulled by Google but it was the Pokémon Challenge for Google Maps which really caught the imagination of the viewing public. Smartphone and tablet users were given the opportunity to earn the title of Pokémon Master, using their skills to track down the Pokémon using advanced technology. Considering the insane appeal Pokémon has had since 1996, it’s little wonder that so many people responded to the prank.

Condoms feature again this week, but this time they are part of a re-visit to that classic Coke and Mentos experiment. Oh, and it comes with added Nutella this time. Italian YouTube user milleaccendini uploaded the video last week (for science) and it has since attracted 5,071,477 views. It’s in Italian, of course, but it’s easy to follow. An excellent waste of 2:15 minutes.

Buzzfeed gets a regular kicking for its linkbaity content but this parody might just be the best deconstruction of their methods yet. But, it’s OK as long you cite sources and give people credit, right? *cough*

When Facebook announced that they’d acquired VR device Occulus Rift absolutely everybody on the internet was thrilled /sarcasm. In a video that we all saw coming, YouTuber Marc Tschudi imagined what the headset experience may really be like under Facebook.