Welcome to Viral Video Friday which we guarantee is absolutely 100% First Kiss parody free (hands up who is bored of them yet). Instead we have 6 of the most viewed, shared and talked about videos of the week, including a beautifully touching film about the enormous pleasure having a Down’s Syndrome child can bring, what happens when you strap a Go Pro to a Superhero, and some sneaky undercover footage of a dog, a bed and an empty house. Welcome to Viral Video Friday.

Today (March 21st) is World Down’s Syndrome Day, and earlier this week Italian charity CoorDown, released a video called “Dear Future Mom”, in response to an email the charity had received from an expectant mum who had just discovered that the baby she is carrying has Downs. 15 young people responded to her to reassure, inspire and empower her that her child would be able to live a full and active life and bring an enormous amount of hope and love into her life. Down Syndrome is a genetic condition that occurs in children who have an extra copy of Chromosome 21 and can often result in some learning and physical disabilities. CoorDown hope that #DearFutureMom will dispel some of the myths and stereotypes about the condition.

“Hi I’m Arnold Schwarzenegger. After hard work, labouring and slaving away I have finally achieved my life-long dream…to finally possess my own f*cking tank!” Want to join him? Get yourself over to omaze.com and enter the competition to win a place beside him as you crush the living daylights of whatever you want to.

Has GoPro got the most loyal, engaged, enthusiastic fans ever? Here’s yet another inspired UGC creation following the escapades of Superman as he flies high above the rooftops of LA. There are some incredible shots of Dodger Stadium and the Griffith Observatory, Wilshire Grand pit, as well as Downtown. I don’t want to know how they did it. I just want to believe.

Unless you’re a monster who locks your pets in the cupboard under the stairs every time you go out, know that they will jump on every available service the moment your back is turned. This particular owner suspected her dog was up to such and set up a secret camera to capture the evidence. That cat could not be less impressed.

It may be approaching its 40th birthday, but the Rubik’s Cube remains a fascinating if frustrating icon of pop culture and there are still attempts to solve it in record-breaking time. This week, a Lego robot named CubeStormer 3 did it in 3.253 seconds. I can’t even type Rubik’s Cube that fast, never mind solve it.

Litter is a filthy disgusting problem, but luckily, London has its own little army of people who go in and clean up the worst of the mess when we’re not looking. These videos (submarine, logging, and bulldozer) may not have had millions of views but they are easily our favorites of the week.