Our writing correspondent Carla Marshall sent me a story a week ago or so about Vinetune, a new site you can go to that implements Vine in a very unique way: it picks a relatively unknown artist and a song and then assembles a whole bunch of Vine clips to play along.  I must admit, I kind of didn’t want to report on it, because it isn’t compatible with Firefox.  But it is compatible with the latest versions of Chrome, IE, Opera, and Safari.  And today I saw TechCrunch talk about it.  So I decided to give it a second look, this time opening up my Chrome browser to check it out.

VineTune: Another Reason Vine Might Catch On Faster Than We Expect

When you start being able to add music discovery and social contributions to an app, the possibilities for fun kickstart a wave of interest.  Vinetune has a video on YouTube featuring Masters In France’s “Flexin’.” Along with it comes lyrics at the top, each with a particular hashtag that the Vine video has attached to it.  So in the first clip, #HIGH is a hashtag, and the first three lyrics contain the word “high.”  Even the “instrumental” part has a hashtag! We see one select 6-second clip play while two other videos wait.  It then cycles down to three new Vine clips and we see them one at a time forever and ever until it ends:

You can even add your own Vine to the song, which you can tailor to the particular Vinetune so you can see it the next time you watch.

When Tubefilter wrote about it, they didn’t like the idea of seeing one clip play while two others just teased you.  But I kind of like that.  I like the anticipation of what you might see in the next two clips.  And, of course, Vinetune warns that some of these clips might be NSFW, which adds even more intrigue!

Anyway, it’s pretty neat usage of an app that seems to be in the news all over the place all the time.  There are so many creative uses of the app floating around out there.