It’s our first round-up of the new year and this week’s Vines are a very mixed bunch with some tech, some tips, some werewolves and some Friday night preparations thrown in. Samsung, capturing concerns around the current inclement climate, show us how to keep our S3s all snuggly and warm, Lowes turn the humble wire coat hanger into a very handy craft storage item and Trident make sure we had all the boxes ticked for the first big Friday night out of 2014. Toyota also gave us a promo of their whizzy little i-road demo from CES. Thank you to the team at Unruly for their suggestions.

Best Branded Vines Of The Week

1. Toyota

Toyota’s new “concept” car, the i-road, took itself for a little spin at CES 2014 and wowed an awful lot of those present. The Vine shows how the little, three-wheeled electric car leans sharply into the corners it takes. I want one immediately.

2. Trident

Clean shirt? Check. Warm sweater? Check. Fresh gum in case guess you end up kissing a ton of women? Check.

3. Samsung

So, this weather then. There’s definitely been a lot of it about this week and Samsung demonstrate just how easy it is to whip up a nice little woollen cover for your mobile phone so it doesn’t have to face the harsh conditions naked.

4. MTV

Teen sensation Nash Grier is a bit of Vine celebrity (he has more followers than Ellen Degeneres, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber don’t you know) so who better to promote MTV’s new ‘Teen Wolf’ series. Simple but clever and with a ready-made audience too.

5. Lowes

Vine is absolutely tailor-made (ouch) for these kind of household tips. Lowes bring us a new one this week for their #lowesfixinsix campaign with the ideal way to store those fancy ribbons and other haberdashery items out of the way.