Brands definitely took to Vine more than they did to Instagram video to create their Super Bowl content and we saw some fantastically creative 6-second clips from ESPN and Priceline about the event. Priceline, in particular, showed great initiative by responding to other Super Bowl ads via the medium of sock puppets. Samsung, Intel and Coco Cola also made the cut and for the second week running, there’s a Muppet in a Toyota who is trying to make life less boring for the rest of us. H/T to our friends at Unruly for the suggestions.

Best Branded Vines of the Week


The main focus may have been on the players but the Super Bowl mascots weren’t about to be left out, thank you very much. ESPN gave them both a little love this week, although there was little love between them. This Vine shows just one of the totally serious mini contests they got themselves into.

#2 Toyota 

Because you can never have enough Muppet content, this week Toyota have enlisted the fabulous Gonzo, who will, for your entertainment, fire himself out of the roof of an SUV. Endlessly.

#3 Priceline Deal finder site Priceline had an absolute ball with their Super Bowl ad parodies this week. This one is our absolute favorite because who doesn’t need a sock puppet of Scarlett Johansson in their life? Right?

#4 Intel Intel show us what can be done using a VivoTab, a toy car, some teeny tiny trees and a bit of stop-motion. Deceptively simple and brilliantly executed. 

#5 Samsung

Whether we are Baby Boomers, Millennials or GenX or Y’ers, we all adapt pretty quickly to new technology – and then we take it completely for granted. Samsung bring us a quick reminder of how far we have come, from carving out graphics on stone right up to the S Pen.

# Coca Cola

A little bit of magic from Coca-Cola. I don’t know what on earth is in those other glasses – Jagermeister and lager? Vimto and Snakebite? Loganberry juice and iced tea?