Vine is such a versatile platform for showcasing innovation, as well as providing a quick turnaround for micro-video creation. It also lends itself extremely well to aligning content to current or popular events, and two brands did just that this week. With the movie world celebrating the 30th anniversary of the release of Ghostbusters, Samsung UK uploaded a complicated, but hugely entertaining homage to the film. ESPN took advantage of National Donut Day to feature real-life donuts from world-class rally driver Ken Block. Welcome to some of the very best branded Vines of the week.

Best Branded Vines of the Last Seven Days

#1 Sony Electronics

Ghostbusters turned 30 last week (30 years old!), and with rumors of a Ghostbusters 3 in the works, Sony Electronics produced this very timely homage to the greatest New York ghoul-hunting movie ever. A very clever piece of stop-motion animation from Ian Padgham that substitutes the landline phone for Slimer.

#2 Danio UK

UK based yoghurt company Danio has only been been active on Vine for a couple of weeks, but it has already produced 11 fantastic little 6-second clips. As part of a promotion to win a free yoghurt (UK based only, sorry dessert fans), the brand has created a series of quirky clips that sabotage other snacks. We love them! Turn on the audio to hear the snarky giggle at the end.

#3 Nike Football

The FIFA 2014 World Cup starts today (yay!!), so of course Nike Football has created some relevant content around the greatest tournament on earth. As part of its ‘Risk Everything’ campaign, they are inviting fans to upload their own footy skills clips to Vine.


As part of National Donut Day, ESPN invited professional rally driver Ken Block to do donuts around, er, a donut. We’re presuming he didn’t eat too many of the sugary treats before doing so or the inside of that car would have been quite the mess.

#5 Samsung UK

Goodness, Samsung pack some content into its 6-second allocation. From sofa to camera, this is a whirlwind look at what the Galaxy Kzoom is capable of.

Thanks to our friends at Unruly for the suggestions.