The competition between Vine and Instagram should lead to both video-sharing services trying to one-up each other, which is a good thing for people who use one or the other, or, Heaven forbid, both of the apps.  Vine now has some new features in the wake of the Instagram video announcement a week or so ago, many of which were flash-previewed via Vine the same day.  So, finally, today, the actual features were revealed.  Let’s take a look at the new chapter in extremely short-form video sharing.

Vine’s New Features: July 2013

It appears that Vine is focusing a lot on discovery with these features.  First up:

  • Channels

There are now 15 channels that break down your Vines by genre.  This should make a lot of these easier to find.

  • On The Rise

Featured “Viners” from the Explore screen.  Sort of like how YouTube does with their recommended videos and suggested videos.

  • Revining

Same as re-tweeting, only with Vines.

  • New Capture Tools

New focus, grid, and “ghost” tools, which will allow you to see your previous shot.  As TechCrunch mentions, you still can’t edit with Vine like you can with Instagram.

  • Protected Accounts

You can decide who follows you and your posts.

In addition, Vine fixed some bugs involving the camera that would focus unnecessarily, cache control for less disk space usage, faster search for hashtags for common ones, and the always-present iOS update that includes “crash fixes and miscellaneous improvements.”  Whatever those are.

Vine doesn’t have to beat Instagram, or even rival them.  They made enough noise to be preferred by many.  As long as they continue to update the app and give new features that users want, they’ll be fine.