Unruly just came out with a study that observed the average number of Tweets containing a Vine rose from five every second to nine every second from April to June.  And that’s great news for Vine, but now we live in the world of Instagram video with its longer video limit and filters and whatnot.  While I’ve seen a great many articles which are down on the new Instagram for various reasons, the fact remains that 130 million people have Instagram and 13 million have Vine.  So the question is: is this the last great news for Vine?

Unruly Finds Vine Tweets Nearly Double In Two Months: Introduce Vine Suite

One thing Vine has going for it is that it’s been considered the go-to for savvy brands for the whole year so far, so maybe they earned some loyalty from that.   And they grew fast: 13 million is a great number in just six months.  Plus, as trite as it sounds, Vine’s name seems to lend itself better to branded video: rolls off the tongue a lot easier than Instagram, which has been seen as strictly a photo-sharing service for years.  But now, Vine has a competitor with 10 times the users all of the sudden.  I can’t wait to see the stats for June and July.

Anyway, with the announcement of the news that Vine tweets have nearly doubled, Unruly is now going to make it possible for brands to measure their Vine campaigns with a new suite especially for the video-sharing service.  You’ll be able to get help creating Vines, evaluate the “sharability” of them before and after launch, distribute them through a special Unruly Vine App and Social Video Player, optimization, and measurement.