Yesterday, 20th Century Fox gave Vine a spin for their new Wolverine movie, simply called The Wolverine.  Set to open on July 26 this year, the 6-second clip emphasizes a speedy look at action.  In the two months of Vine’s integration into Twitter, we’ve seen brands do some pretty creative things with it, and we saw Oscilloscope Productions post the entire movie It’s A Disaster in 6-second clips as a promotional gimmick.  While the reports on how many people use Vine are low, the way people are using Vine is pretty cool.

The Wolverine on Vine

The Vine version of the trailer came out to tease the MTV teaser trailer that came out today. The Wolverine director James Mangold got on to the 20th Century Fox Twitter feed and said:

This is a big moment for Vine, getting a quick teaser for an anticipated movie like that before everyone else is a huge coup.  Here, the 6-second limitation helps them, because if studios want to give just a slight taste and not just a slightly bigger one, like a 90-second teaser might do, Vine is there to give a short, quick, action-packed, ADD version of the kind of thing you’ll see in the regular trailer.

Vine also got into the mix with a huge video game release last week.  Battlefield 4, which is set to come out in the Fall of this year, teased their trailer coming out March 27 with this:

So getting those quick bursts of footage out can create a good buzz.  Even though Vine has a lot of scrutiny due to its limitations and not-so-widespread use so far, it looks like some brands with creativity are putting it to good use.