RJ Metrics has come up with a study about Vine usage that sheds light on an interesting aspect of the service, which was acquired by Twitter back in October and became an iPhone app in January.  While Vine isn’t available on all devices yet, and that’s important for the adoption numbers you’re about to see, it still has been rather slow to adoption.  However, as far as the world of video sharing is concerned, Vine went past other services like Viddy and Socialcam pretty quickly.  And that might clue us in to how Vine may be used in the future.  Adoption will be slow, but extended creative use of it will make it valuable.

RJ Metrics’ Study on Vine

Here is a handy graph from RJ Metrics focusing on Vine adoption from 2,500 “highly active users” (those who tweeted 100 times a month or more):


RJ Metrics also found that Vine just blew past the competition in its first month, with 2.8 percent market penetration compared to Viddy (0.5 percent) and Socialcam (0.2).  And yes, that’s not a whole lot of people overall, but considering how slow people are coming to video sharing, then it’s significant.  Also, RJ Metrics took into account that it might have just been people trying out Vine for the first time, and that’s why it shot past those two so quickly.  But then they introduce this graph:


People decided to use Vine more overall compared to the competitors, so it wasn’t just “let’s try this,” it was “I like this, and want to do it again.”

Video-sharing is not as big as photo sharing, so it’s hard for something like Vine to get mass adoption when a picture often says it all.  I think some people are still a little “camera shy” when it comes to moving video.  The study found that 98 percent of the highly active users shared a photo, and only 4 percent shared a video with any service.  So video still has a long way to go if it even wants to come close to photo-sharing…and it may never get that close.  But it doesn’t have to match the volume of photos to be effective, it just has to be used creatively, like we discussed with 20th Century Fox earlier, and the several times Greg Jarboe has mentioned effective use of Vine in some of his columns.

I’m very excited to see how people use Vine this year, and see if they can “up the ante” on this strange little creation.

Thanks to RJ Metrics for their study!  Read their article for more insight.