So yes, it’s Tuesday…which means it’s kind of slow.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun from time to time, and when you run across a video compiling the “Greatest Vines of 2013,” and it has over 3 million views in 4 days, well, maybe something can be learned from it.  Or maybe, it’s just a good 11 minutes out of your day that you need when you realize that it’s only Tuesday.  Anyway, one thing to learn is that these Vines become a new thing when they are compiled into a YouTube video, as we saw with Will Sasso’s Arnold Schwarzenegger Vines.

These Might Be the Greatest Vines of 2013 All Rolled Into One

There is quite a bit of bad language, racist humor, and other stuff you might find offensive in this:

These are pretty great.  I’ve got a lot of appreciation for people who can do Vine stuff well.  And these show that a great many people have adopted it to express themselves.