Vine has had quite the run this year after being introduced to iOS devices early in the year and recently, on Android, which should only increase usage of the social video-sharing service.  SocialBakers recently did a study comparing the engagement rates on tweets of Vine compared to tweets with YouTube embeds.  No surprise, Vine has made strides in engagement scores (which can be everything from shares, likes, favorites, clicks to the website, etc.) and is gaining on YouTube, percentage-wise.  Total tweets with YouTube embeds still far outnumber Vines, but YouTube has been around a lot longer.

Let’s look at what SocialBakers found.

Vine Closing in on YouTube in Twitter Engagement

YouTube had a 0.048 engagement rate, while Vine had a 0.031 percent engagement rate, in a study conducted May 5-June 5 with selected brand profiles.

Here’s a chart from SocialBakers detailing the engagement rates:

socialbakers graph

The study suggests that the ease of mobile use has kick-started the app, which is easy to download and apply to Twitter.  What’s amazing about the Vine engagement is that it’s only been available for six months and only on iOS devices.  Now, it’s on Android so that score should balloon a bit.  SocialBakers found that 66 percent of mobile users like to tweet about brands, 44 percent of those use iOS, and 20 percent are on Android, so the Vine app will definitely see an increase in usage, and SocialBakers plans on doing a study in the next few weeks about the potential effect Vine coming to Android will have.

The 6-second video application has been used to great effect by many brands.  It can “preview” a longer video, “sneak peek” a new product, or find a way to tell a quick story in a limited amount of time.  SocialBakers highlights Weetabix, which had the highest engagement rate, at 9 percent, in May:

Interesting data from SocialBakers.  You can take a look at all of their findings here.