Soon you may be able to watch the best of Vine content in your favorite category with hand-picked video lists chosen by a dedicated Vine editor. Vine’s app currently supports category pages but that content is based on user input from it’s 40 million members. There’s just one catch – if your favorite category is sex – you will have to go to Tumblr.

Vine announced in a blog post that it is banning sexually explicit content from the platform:

For more than 99 percent of our users, this doesn’t really change anything. For the rest: we don’t have a problem with explicit sexual content on the Internet – we just prefer not to be the source of it.

For the avoidance of doubt here’s Vine’s ‘explicit’ description of what constitutes porn:

What is explicit sexual content?

Explicit sexual content includes depictions of sex acts, nudity that is sexually provocative or in a sexual context, and graphic depictions of sexual arousal.

Examples of what’s not okay to post:

  • Sex acts, whether alone or with another person
  • Use of sex toys for sex acts
  • Sexually provocative nudity, for example, posts that focus on exposed genitalia or depict nudity in a context or setting that is sexually provocative (like a strip club)
  • Close-ups of aroused genitals underneath clothing
  • Art or animation that is sexually graphic (such as hentai)

What is okay to post?

We allow depictions of nudity or partial nudity that are primarily documentary, educational or artistic in nature. We also allow suggestive posts, just not sexually explicit ones.

Examples of what’s okay to post:

  • Nudity in a documentary context, e.g. videos of nude protestors
  • Nudity in an artistic context, e.g. nude modeling in an art class
  • Nudity that is not sexually provocative, e.g. a mother breastfeeding her child
  • Clothed sexually suggestive dancing

What they mean is – if they think it’s porn then it is. How times have changed – when I was a school boy in the ’50s, artistic nude modelling was the hottest magazine content around!

Vine’s not alone in banning porn. Instagram sort of does it by disabling hash tag searches for rude words, so #nude won’t deliver you any results, together with about 100 other ‘obscene’ words and phrases. In a clever way, banning the uploading of porn let’s Vine off the hook from accusations of censorship – if its not there, then it can’t be selected as a moderated category.

According to Mashable, the single theme pages will increase user engagement among those who don’t normally share their own videos, and will eventually allow users to create their own lists. Vine is for far more entertaining topics such as

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