Vine, which seems to have survived the initial hype surrounding its launch, have introduced a new feature that allows users to find topical content via trending hashtags, Editors Picks and a Popular Now section. This makes a busy fortnight for the app, coming hot on the heels of the announcement that 6 second Vine videos can now be embedded anywhere on the internet. If you are used to searching Twitter using hashtags than you will be familiar with the concept behind them.

As it is Grand National Day here in the UK let us take a look and see how the new attributes work for the #GrandNational hashtag.

vine grand national

The Grand National is trending on the Vine app, as expected, and is returning a nice selection of vids on the trending hashtags section such as:

I’m not seeing any National videos in the Editors Pick or Popular Now sections, which is understandable as it’s a fairly niche and fleeting subject and although the videos above are great for what they are, I’m not sure they are necessarily the best that Vine have to offer right now.

A corresponding search on Twitter using the #grandnational vineapp hashtag returns the same videos for me via that site so it looks like the algorithm that Vine is using closely matches that of Twitter.

grand national vine app