Yeah, there’s room for one more.  Again, on a day where almost no news can truly be considered real, where you believe you’ve been dumped into a sort of Matrix with a sense of humor, the stuff that video companies are doing in the realm of April Fools pranks are the only thing that really seems to be going on.  Vimeo, long the go-to for content creators who want to create professional-quality video, seems to be taking a poke at their much larger cousin, YouTube, by “rebranding” today as Vimeow, your one-stop source for cat videos.  Of course, that’s not all.

Introducing Vimeow, Which Will Last For One Day

Vimeo President Dae Mellencamp, with the alias of Dae Mellencat, took to the Vimeo Blog today and touched on some of the features of the new Vimeow.  Probably my favorite is that “Following” is now called “Patiently Stalking,” and that you can now “Add aloofness to any video.”

And, in a way poking fun at their new monetization services like Tip Jar, a new feature called “Tummyrub” is coming so that people can show their appreciation for any cat video.

And the staff picks are noticeably cat-centric, including this short, odd, and hilarious one from Spread Motion Design:

I must admit this April Fools has been fun.  But I’ll be glad when we can get back to normal news and video tips.