Since Vimeo premiered Vimeo On Demand a little over a month ago, the video destination site for those with discerning tastes in quality has seen hundreds of VOD uploads and thousands of purchases made.  With that taste of success, Vimeo has now decided to redesign the Vimeo On Demand page to make finding these monetized works easier to find.  They’ve made a page that makes these works easy to find, with a curation process that includes “Vimeo Selects” and a catalog that lists titles by genre.

Vimeo’s New Vimeo On Demand Page

These are just a handful of titles on the “Vimeo Selects” section:

vimeo selects

Go through the rest of the page, you’ll see Vimeo “highlighting” a filmmaker or a genre.  I especially like this suggestion for a genre:

weird and wonderful

You’ll be able to keep track of all your purchases, too.  And, the people at Vimeo are obviously not done with everything they’re doing with the site.  There have been constant additions in the past year and it seems like these happen every week or month nowadays.  Stay tuned.