Subscribers to Vimeo’s PRO service will now get even more for their money with extra features that have previously been unavailable to them. As of today, PRO users have access to an impressive 1TB of storage space per year, a generous 20GB a week. That’s the equivalent of 5 hours of HD video uploads every 7 days and a huge increase on the previous 50GB available. Subscribers to the PRO feature also now have full access to the Vimeo on Demand channel, where creators can offer their work for sell or rent and earn revenue via a 90/10 revenue split with the company.

Vimeo are also upgrading their customer service offering with a guaranteed response of 1 hour to emails sent during the week and a turnaround time of 1 day during the weekend. Video playback restrictions have also been overturned, with unlimited HD plays now on offer, no matter where the video is embedded including mobile devices, other websites or on connected TVs. That’s lifts the previous limit of 250,000 plays per video. The annual subscription fee will remain at $199 per year, for now.

vimeo pro