Tuesday, the video-sharing site Vimeo introduced Vimeo Perks for their PRO and Plus users, a service that will allow those users to buy discounted video equipment from name-brand companies such as B & H, Kessler, Red Giant, Letus, and GarageCUBE.  Vimeo is offering curated packages for different skill levels, packages that will include cameras, accessories, and software.  Vimeo Perks is another way the site distinguishes itself from YouTube, as the site seems more focused on catering to a technically educated video community, and offering discounts for name equipment reflects that.

Vimeo Perks Offers Curated Packages And Select Products For Premium Members

The curated packages have these names, signifying different skillsets:

  • Beginner’s Basic
  • Travel Package
  • Beginner’s Premium
  • Action Sports
  • New to DSLR
  • DSLR Accessories
  • Small but Sophisticated
  • On-board Light and Sound
  • Advanced DSLR
  • Professional Lighting
  • Professional DSLR
  • Professional Sound

Vimeo also has a video announcing their new service:

The discounts for select equipment from different partners will range anywhere from 5 to 25%.  Vimeo plans on adding more perks in the future.

PRO and Plus users are paying an annual price for Vimeo’s video hosting, so this is a nice gesture.  It also gives video equipment providers an opportunity to partner with Vimeo and reach a “more serious” video community, individuals who may be more knowledgeable than your average video uploader.  You can take a look at Vimeo Perks here.