Yesterday, Vimeo announced a new feature to their site: the Enhancer.  This allows Vimeo users to go to their uploaded videos and add music tracks from the Music Store without using an editor, and it gives incredible power to tailor those songs to one’s exacting standards.  Recently partnering with SmartSound, Vimeo’s Music Store now boasts over 45,000 tracks to choose from.  You can adjust the level and length, and you can even adjust the instrumentation.  That’s pretty ridiculous, and this tool already sounds way better than YouTube’s recently-announced audio editor.

Vimeo’s Enhancer: Music Now, More In The Future

Here’s Vimeo’s video announcing the new Enhancer, and their partnership with SmartSound:

So now, the Enhancer can be used for some pretty neat music enhancements, at some cost.  Songs cost $1.99 with a personal license and $19.99 with a commercial license.  Vimeo is promising that the Enhancer will not just be for music in the future, which I can only guess means special effects and more dynamic editing options are being planned.

What’s great about options like this is that it makes it easy to find and license music, when that is one of the hardest things to do without stepping on some toes or going completely without.  One of the things we just talked about in Part 3 of the Advertiser Playbook coverage is that for anyone, finding music can be a difficult or costly thing to consider when making a video.  With enhancements like this from YouTube and Vimeo, the process becomes easier.  Sure, not all the selections will be winners, and you’ll probably have to sift through a lot of painful tunes, but we’re talking selection in the tens of thousands here.  Something will click.

Vimeo continues to be a great place for creators who look to upload quality videos.  They aren’t a top-visited video site, but they definitely want quality over quantity there, and providing an easier way to enhance videos through music with this nice addition is further proof of that commitment.