Vimeo has been on the move in the past year looking for ways to generate revenue while keeping pre-roll ads at bay.  We’ve seen Tip Jar and Vimeo on Demand pop up as answers, and now we’re seeing Vimeo partner with brands to call on their community of filmmakers to create content in what is being called the Brand Creator Fund.  It kicked off today with Lincoln’s “Hello, Again” campaign, where 4 creators from the Vimeo community were chosen to shoot 4 different films for the campaign.  One will be released each Tuesday.

Vimeo’s Brand Creator Fund Launches With Lincoln’s ‘Hello, Again’

Vimeo’s partnership with Lincoln is in an effort to relaunch their brand.  Here’s the first in the series, from Eliot Rausch, called “Get Back.”  This is just an introduction to the full film:

And this intro from Becky & Joe for Tallest Heights:

You can access all the intros, (and later the films and behind-the-scenes), here.  There will be a new film every Tuesday until May 21, kicking off with Rausch’s “Get Back” next week.  Each film will be 10 minutes long and will cover the theme of “creativity and design.”

With the Brand Creator Fund, Vimeo appears to have gotten into the crowdsourcing game.  By partnering with brands and finding choice filmmakers from a vast group of candidates, this seems to be the direction they’re going.  In this way, Vimeo can play “ads,” but they are created by members of the community.  How these ads will be discovered will be interesting to watch, since they won’t be a part of a pre-roll.

I guess the interest will be generated in-house and by Lincoln itself, which has a bunch of other stuff going on with “Hello, Again” on their specially-created website.  There, they’ve got Beck putting his spin on David Bowie’s “Sound and Vision,” a 360-degree experience and experiment in sight and sound.  I took a look at it and it’s pretty cool.

Anyway, yet another addition to Vimeo, and something creators will want to strive to be a part of as new projects come along.